For some people the world is colourless. Do you want to help us colour it?



It all started in Latvia. Find out how we got to this point.

Mission, Vision and Values

What motivates us, what takes us forward.


Learn more about our work and how we’re helping.

Be a Human

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Our Team

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Cátia Sousa

President – Direction Board
“It will always be a part of me and by far, the best choice that i’ve made – to built and fight for something that I believe in.”
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Telma Gomes

Vice-President and CEO – Direction Board
“All Humans has been for a long time, a dream for me. It is the possibility to dedicate a big part of my life to those in need, pull back my sleeves, go to the field and fight for a more free and fair world.”
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Cristina Pestana

Secretary – Direction Board
“Being part of this project is an unique oportunity of breaking barriers, overcome descrimination and most of all, walk and grow a project that I saw bloming. Tt will always be a priviledge”.
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João Gomes

President – General Assembly
“I joined in All Humans because everything that we can give, is little for those in need.”
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Eduardo Cruz

Vice-President – General Assembly
“All Humans ofered me the possibility to fullfil a life goal: support those in need and demonstrate that solidarity is still a characteristic from the human beings.”
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Joana Fernandes

Secretary – General Assembly
“Being part of All Humans is a way to help building the difference we want to see in the world.”
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Ricardo Santos

President – Supervisory Board
“To grow as a person and to be able to develop new values helping those in need, was the main cause to participate in this project. It’s a simple gesture with a big meaning.”
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Mário Duarte

Vice-President – Supervisory Board
“Personal development supported in a fair and human cause.”
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Rafael Palmeiro

Secretary – Supervisory Board
“I’ve decided to be a part of this team because the world nowadays, needs help, and even if small, it always makes a difference.”
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This can be you!

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